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HPP Crime Statistics

APRIL 2019
Makuu Dr.                      
RR Ave. 
10th Ave.
23rd Ave.
29th Ave.
Loke Rd.
Makuu Dr.
5th Ave.
23rd Ave.
UnarthorizedEntryMotorVehicle  1  in HPP.
Beach Rd.
We have complaints that other watches get details, we can only publish what the officer gives us.
March 2019
Beach Rd.
Paradise Ala Kai 
Paradise Ala Kai               
Beach Rd
Paradise Ala Kai
Makuu Dr
19th Ave
24th Ave
27th Ave
29th Ave
31st Ave
33rd Ave
Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle 0 .
Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle 0
Criminal PropertDamage 0 in HPP
Robbery 0 in HPP.
Assault 2 in HPP.
Beach Rd
130 Hwy
Assault   0 in HPP,
Criminal Property Damage 0 in HPP,
Burglary   4 in HPP,.
8th Ave
14th Ave..
21st Ave.               
22nd Ave..              
Theft   5 in HPP.
11th Ave.
23rd Ave
26th Ave.
27th Ave.
28th Ave..               
Robbery 0 in HPP.
Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle   0 in HPP.
Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle    0 in HPP,
Assault 0 in HPP.
Murder 0 in HPP
Again we were provided with no details, our secretary hopes to remedy that.
Burglary   3 in HPP,
Makuu Dr.
28th Ave.
31st Ave. with associated Theft report below.
Robbery   0 in HPP,
Theft    10 in HPP.
Ala Heiau Rd.
Makuu Dr.
9th Ave.
13th Ave.
14th Ave. *
14th Ave. same location, different dates
15th Ave.
19th Ave.
19th Ave.
31st Ave. associated Burglary above.
Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle   0 in HPP..
Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle    0 in HPP
apologies for the weak reporting, this is the new report from the mainland
 6 in HPP.
Beach Rd.                           Suspect(s)removed a ukulele, kitchen ware, jewelry and currency.
15th Ave.                          Suspect(s) removed appliances, electronics, power tools and yard care equipment.
23rd Ave.                          Suspect(s) removed currency firearms, ammo.
25th Ave.                          Suspect(s) removed firearms, tools, pocket knives and miscellaneous items.
26th Ave.                          Male suspect removed set of keys, pickup truck, rammed gate, pickup recovered.
31st Ave.                          Suspect(s) removed firearms.
THEFTS  1 in HPP, 45 in Puna
23rd Ave.                        Suspect(s) remove pickup.
Unauthorized Entry Motor Vehicle  1 in HPP 
10th Ave                       Suspect(s) removed currency from a vehicle. 
Unauthorized Control Private Vehicle  0 in HPP 
Criminal Property Damage 0 in HPP
Robbery  0 in HPP
Assault 0 in HPP.
Police are reporting that they cannot be every where at once,
we need you to be an observer, watch for suspicious activity,
if you see it; report it Emergency 911
                               Non-Emergency 935-3311