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HPP Crime Statistics

Assault   1 in HPP,
26th Ave                     Exboyfriend entered residence during a dispute and was struck by her ex..
Criminal Property Damage 0 in HPP,
Burglary   1 in HPP,.
11th Ave                   Suspect removed jewelry.
Theft    1 in HPP.
Robbery 0 in HPP.
19th Ave                  Victim made an on line purchase and was scammed $1,500.00.
Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle   0 in HPP.
Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle    0 in HPP,
Assault 0 in HPP.
Murder 0 in HPP
Burglary   3 in HPP,
4th Ave                      Suspect(s) removed a refrigerator.
25th Ave                    Suspect(s) removed purse containing currency anf personal items.
29th Ave                    Suspect(s) removed 11 firearms, 24 theft cases were initiated.
Robbery   0 in HPP,.
Theft    5 in HPP.
Ala Heiau                   Suspect(s) removed construction items and equipment.
7th Ave                      Suspect(s) removed black 2002 Toyota pick up.
14th Ave                    Suspect(s). removed power tools.
16th Ave                    Relative living in residence is suspected of stealing jewelry.
32nd Ave                   Suspect(s) removed a trail camera.
Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle   1 in HPP.
Beach Rd                  Suspect(s) removed wallet containing personal items, use victims credit card before card could be cancelled..
Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle    0 in HPP
 1 in HPP.
29th Ave.                                Suspect(s) removed several electronic items.                  
13th Ave                        Suspect(s) removed a variety of building materials.
13th Ave                        Suspect(s) removed a bicycle.
23rd Ave                        Suspect(s) removed construction equipment.
Unauthorized Entry Motor Vehicle  1 in HPP 
18th Ave                       Suspect(s) removed numerous items from vehicle.
Unauthorized Control Private Vehicle  0 in HPP 
Criminal Property Damage 0 in HPP
Robbery  0 in HPP
Assault 0 in HPP.
15th Ave.                        Unknown suspect(s) removed a washer..
Keaau-Pahoa Rd.              Suspect removed numerous tools.
Keaau-Pahoa Rd.              Suspects removed motorcycle.
3rd Ave.                         Suspect(s) removed ATV.
9th Ave.                         Suspects removed checkbook and wrote check to remove money from bank.
10th Ave.                       Suspect(s) removed 2 8'x10' windows.
19th Ave.                       Suspect(s) removed valuable gold coins.
22nd Ave.                       Suspect(s) removed a red cooler and clothing.
29th Ave.                       Suspect(s) removed miscellaneous tools.
31st Ave.                       Suspect(s) removed employers equipment from job.
UnarthorizedEntryMotorVehicle  0  in HPP.
UnarthorizedControlMotorVehicle  0 in HPP.
19th Ave.                       Suspect(s) removed miscellaneous tools.
28th Ave                        Suspect(s) removed appliances and tools.
28th Ave                        Unknown person(s) removed front and rear license plates from vehicle.
29th Ave.                       Suspect(s) removed additional tools.
Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle 1 in HPP.
21st Ave                        Suspect removed vehicle, was apprehended and vehicle returned to owner.
Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle 2 in HPP.
Pohaku Cr                    Miscellaneous items removed from Vehicle in church parking lot.
32nd Ave                      Miscellaneous items taken from Vehicle.
Theft 4 in HPP.
4th Ave                        Suspect(s) removed generator, welder and various tools.
13th Ave                      Suspect(s) removed gas stove with propane tank.
19th Ave                      Suspect(s) removed appliances.
28th Ave                      Suspect(s) removed miscellaneous tools.
Criminal PropertDamage 0 in HPP
Robbery 0 in HPP.
Assault 0 in HPP.
THEFTS 8 in HPP and items taken.
BEACH Rd                      Unknown Suspect(s) removed power tools from shed..
POHAKU  Cr                   Unknown  suspect(s) removed various camping equipment.
SHOWER Dr                   Unknown suspect(s) removed 4 batteries from digital sign at construction area.
11th Ave                         Unknown suspect(s) removed water catchment pressure tank.
20th Ave                         Unknown suspect(s) removed a black Honda..
25th Ave                         Unknown suspect(s) removed a 12 x 15 solar panel and 5 gallon propane tank..
32nd Ave                        Unknown suspect(s) removed  white Silverado.
32nd Ave                       Unknown suspect(s) removed sliding glass door and catchment tank cover.
Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle 0 in HPP.
Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle 3 in HPP.
BEACH Rd                     Unknown suspect(s) removed items from car.
MAKUU Dr                    Unknown suspect(s) remove currency and various items from car.
24th Ave                        Unknown suspect(s) removed electronics and personal items from car.
Criminal PropertDamage 0 in HPP
Robbery 0 in HPP.
Assault 0 in HPP.